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With increasing numbers of Malaysian businesses and home-owners investing in expensive security systems to prevent crime, smart video analytics solution solves the problem of having to focus attention on monitoring screens of CCTV systems for long hours. The solution enables not only the detection of suspicious activities or irregular behaviour, but also the analysis, alerts and delivery of results to security personnel. The built-in predictive analytics algorithm allows the system to think and to identify specific objects and events with high accuracy and is specifically designed for preventing or minimizing accidents and crimes from happening. With this solution, video capture is integrated with big data analytics to improve operational efficiency and to react intelligently to real-time events.


With conventional CCTV systems, any criminal activity can be seen only after the fact and by that time, the criminals would have escaped and the chances of the authorities apprehending them would be slim.  Similarly, with manual security monitoring, the guards will not be able to look at CCTVs at all times.

Users are sometimes disturbed by false alarms when surveillance systems are triggered by motion. A well-trained and adaptive smart video surveillance system will be able to address the problems above by minimizing number of false alarms as well as giving early warning of security threats.

While for visitor access control systems, users usually find that the conventional manual recording system by security guards is prone to errors and takes too much processing time – this is especially true for a building with many visitors. A smart visitor access control management system with vehicle license plate recognition capability, and integration with the building’s door access control system, can definitely provide a more effective solution. Coupled with big data analytics technology, the security level can be upgraded to detect any unusual behaviour, for example, if a tenant abruptly changes his building access and leaving time.


iRadar’s iSenseTM Smart Video Surveillance System enables the security personnel of neighbourhoods and buildings to detect and analyse suspicious activities or behaviour. The built-in predictive analytics algorithm allows the system to think, and continuously trains the system to identify specific objects and events to prevent or minimize accidents and crimes from happening. iSenseTM is able to recognize events and objects such as illegal intrusion, loitering at premise boundaries, camera tampering, thefts of important property as well as vehicle registration number recognition.  iRadar has also developed a smartphone app for security personnel to manage incidents remotely. They can observe the entire event, give instructions to a third party, call emergency lines for assistance or deal with the suspect verbally via an installed Audio Communication System.

Business Benefits

With iSenseTM, the property developer is able to enhance the effectiveness of their existing security systems with real-time notifications in the event of potential threats. They are able to immediately deploy counter measures to prevent or minimize damages, resulting in cost reduction, increase in productivity, and most importantly, a safer living and working environment. In neighbourhoods and buildings with visitor access control, video analytics shortens visitor access processing time, and allows security personnel to conveniently analyse videos for specific triggered events instead of manually reviewing the entire video footage.

The Future

The usage of smart video analytics is still at its infancy in Malaysia. However, it is observed that the sale of IP cameras, one of the essential components in video analytics, has increased significantly and expected to overtake analogue cameras in the near future. Therefore the use of video analytics applications will grow along with the number of IP cameras in years to come.

In addition to security purposes, video analytics can be used to study customer behaviour which is very useful for retail business. Manufacturing processes can also be improved or monitored using smart video with predictive analytics capabilities. Likewise, more effective road traffic control and monitoring are achievable through video data analysis. In addition, with cloud-based storing and processing technology, the video analytics solutions can be applied across cities and countries.

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