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Confess Now, Or The Taxman And Big Data Analytics Will Come After You

Check out the Tax Big Data Analytics Maturity Model that describes high-impact tax business cases that will bring in serious returns for the government - like GST fraud identification, anti-money laundering and real-time fraud detection. They require the deployment of advanced analytics such as text mining, path analysis, connections, affinity and visualization.


Advanced Analytics in Talent Management Strategy and Operation

A leading Malaysian telco with more than 3000 personnel employed big data analytics to find out why there was a sharp increase in human resources cost in recent years despite it maintaining a tight control over headcount and salary increments. Turned out that structural change was the culprit. Read on...


Hong Leong Bank Uses IBM Watson for Cognitive Banking

Hong Leong bank becomes the first bank in Malaysia to utilize IBM Watson to enable customer self-service. The cognitive technology platform will also assist the bank’s call center consultants. It will scrutinize and analyze customer profiles, reports and product info to recognize a customer’s needs and offer various financial options available to them.


Big Data Use Cases in Retail

Dynamic pricing with big data analytics allows for a more refined set of indicators for price elasticity in comparison with traditional influencers such as time and availability. Read about dynamic pricing and 14 other big data use cases in retail such as fuzzy matching, dynamic forecasting, recommendations and market basket analysis.


How our local hero, ServisHero, capitalized Big Data to multiply SME revenue

ServisHero is an on-demand local services marketplace, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, which saves consumers time and money when looking for reliable local service providers. They have a clear mission to uplift the income levels of millions of small businesses across South-East Asia, and are a data-focused company using information to both shape their own business and grow into new areas.