Top Menu uses Big Data Analytics to cater to Muslim traveler needs is the leading hotel comparison and world’s first and largest Muslim traveler site. With hotel prices changing every minute and varying from one site to another, Lagisatu assists by searching multiple sites for information like hotel prices, reviews, descriptions, and photos – all within a few seconds. The site provides users with a comprehensive overview of available hotels in a particular destination and allows the discovery of new prices for the same hotels and rooms.


Lagisatu sends a search robot to multiple booking sites, giving users access to amazing prices and savings of up to 80%. It also incorporates MuslimStars into its search results, a unique approach which rates and lists travel services and facilities based on Muslim needs.

Lagisatu’s CEO, Faeez Fadhlillah, talks to BDAMY about how their portal exploits Big Data Analytics.

BDAMY: How does your company use BDA?

Faeez: Lagisatu has one of the largest databases of hotels in Southeast Asia consisting of more than 650,000 hotels from 83,000 cities worldwide and processes in real time more than 100 million reviews, 70 million photos of properties in 7 different languages. Thousands of user requests are processed every second with both dynamic and static assets as well as live consumer analytics. For us, speed of processing and understanding the user’s behaviour is at the core of our entire operation to improve customer experience. Scalability is woven into Lagisatu on many levels and one key aspect is the ability to process vast amounts of data in a fast and concise manner.

BDAMY: How did you decide that you needed to use BDA?

Faeez: We process thousands of user requests, thousands of hotels, millions of reviews and photos all in real-time. Part of the dynamics of Lagisatu is to constantly improve user experience through an analysis of behaviour on the site, for example, from the data requested to the user flow on the site. BDA allows Lagisatu to scale the analysis of vast amounts of data and keep up with data ingestion without crashing the entire system. This allows us to stay ahead of our competitors, not only through the ability to process vast amounts of real-time data fast and efficiently, but by enabling our analysis team to better analyse user patterns on the website as well as our app. BDA also allows us to process years of historical data, giving our marketing team the ability to follow historical user behavior trends, ultimately allowing the team to strategize and improve customer experience.

BDAMY: How did you begin following the decision to use BDA?

Faeez: The team worked together with our data centre to ensure that a fast and efficient system was developed, ensuring that customer experience is at the core of the entire operation.

BDAMY: What are the issues you had to bear in mind when deploying BDA?

Faeez: We take importance in the ability to process millions of data real-time without downtime to ensure a great customer experience. Our team of analysts must be able to process the vast amount of data efficiently to guide to future marketing decisions.

BDAMY: What were the expected (or actual) ROIs seen by using BDA?

Faeez: BDA allows our team at Lagisatu to process vast amount of data real-time to ensure a great customer experience on the site. At the same time, our team of analysts uses the data to further drive sales and revenues through decisions that are backed by large amounts of data, which makes the analysis more reliable, hence seeing a constant increase of the level of ROI.

BDAMY: Tell us about your BDA infrastructure and technologies.

Faeez: Currently Lagisatu is storing more than 10TB of data on Hadoop with a projection to increase to 100TB in the next 5 years. We use Hadoop to store and process web log data; Hive to query and aggregate the data into tables; SQL Server for reporting against aggregated data; and JMP, visual discover software from SAS Institute, to further explore the aggregated data.


BDAMY: What are the skills necessary to implement your BDA solution, and where did your company obtain these skills?

Faeez: Scalability is woven into Lagisatu on many levels, from data centre to software architecture. We have a small team of both frontend and backend engineers ensuring the system is fully functioning with no downtime. At the same time, Lagisatu employs a small team of analysts to process the data that drives the decision of the company.

faeezFaeez Fadhlillah is the CEO and Co-founder of, Asia’s fast-growing hotel comparison site and world’s first muslim-friendly metasearch engine. Awarded the Malaysia’s Young Technopreneur 2013, Faeez is also an avid speaker at many international travel and tech conferences and seminars including Web In Travel, WIT Middle East, Travel Distribution Summit Asia and currently sits on the R&D committee of the Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents (MATTA).

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