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Big Data Malaysia Releases White Paper on Big Data as an Emerging Sector in Malaysia

A white paper on the state of Big Data Analytics (BDA) Malaysia was published by Big Data Malaysia in 2014 with the sole objective of raising the nation’s BDA profile. In this paper, a survey was undertaken to answer the following critical questions:

  • What are the opportunities and barriers to Big Data activity in Malaysia?
  • Who is merely “interested”, versus who is actually committed?
  • What is the current and future capacity for Big Data talent?
  • Where are the critical gaps in training and skills?
  • What are the soft inhibitors, including data access, regulation and perception?


Based on the responses from 108 individuals from 90 organizations, the white paper then presented seven broad recommendations:

  • Foster a data-centric organizational culture
  • Equip the organization to manage and make decisions based on real-time data in order to remain competitive
  • Cultivate multi-disciplinary data science teams
  • Combine data from internal sources within the organization with external sources to spur innovation
  • Create a “data dictionary” of data assets relevant to the organisation to minimise friction for data science projects
  • Large organizations, and especially government, should make concerted efforts to release data to the public in machine-consumable form to unlock value hidden within their data assets
  • The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) should be frequently reviewed, and revised if necessary, to protect individuals while simultaneously encouraging data projects

The authors, Sandra Hanchard and Tirath Ramdas, also interviewed five leaders from a diverse industry landscape, obtaining their perspective on BDA in Malaysia. The five are:

  • Heislyc Loh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CoRate
  • Tom Hogg, Commercial Director, Effective Measure
  • Siim Saarlo, Chief Technology Officer, STATSIT
  • Robin Woo, Senior IT Manager, Western Digital Corporation
  • Ian Phoon, Data Scientist, a Malaysian bank

Overall, BDA Malaysia Emerging Sector Profile 2014 is an absolute must-read. The paper does a excellent job in removing any fever of uncertainty as to the current climate of BDA in Malaysia.

You can download the white paper from here.

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