Visitor Traffic Analyzer Boosts Revenue of Global Sporting Goods Retailer

This solution helps businesses such as a popular sporting goods retailer in Malaysia find out the number of people walking into their stores, who among them are buying, and how to allocate budgets for improved profits. Known as the Visitor Traffic Analyser or VTA, it helps the retailer improve its sales conversion ratio (from walk-ins into customers), increase store traffic and improve advertising for the company. By electronically counting traffic at each entrance, solid information can be obtained to manage all its stores more efficiently. VTA will be useful for improved staff management, promotional impact assessment, and high and low traffic period identification. All this can bring about more cost-effective budget allocations which will have a direct bearing on the bottom-line of the business.


In the current business climate, retailers face a multitude of challenges that severely threaten their ability to operate profitably, such as market over-saturation, and ever-rising operating costs. These challenges magnify the importance of every business decision and budget allocation. Before, sales results was the only KPI to determine if a business was healthy or not; but sales figures alone cannot identify problem areas that needed addressing. It is more important than ever for retailers to accurately monitor the industry’s two most vital sales performance metric: shopper traffic and conversion rate.  Therefore, it is necessary to identify which segments of the retailer’s organisation is performing its function optimally, from Marketing to Operations or Merchandising. Visitor traffic intelligence can help pinpoint which particular department needs improvements in order to boost sales and profits.

Big Data & Analytics Solution

The Visitor Traffic Analyzer (VTA) is an electronic device with sensors that are mounted near entrances and connects to any PC to capture visitor traffic data. Once captured, hourly analysis of data will be available, enabling easy and accurate visitor count monitoring. This data can be used to generate reports and display statistical information on a computer for analysis.  Retail experts agree that accurately counting customer or visitor traffic with automatic electronic visitor counting is the only way retailers can make sound strategic decisions.


The Visitor Traffic Analyzer (VTA) technology

VTA can help companies of any size position themselves well in today’s highly competitive market; such a solution helps the sporting goods retailer to easily evaluate staffing needs, staff performance, conversion ratios, marketing campaigns, floor plans, product displays and more. With hard visitor counting data, decisions are based on facts, not guesswork. Additionally, the impact of the company’s marketing activities can also be monitored and analysed with VTA by comparing people traffic during different days of the week.

Benefits Obtained

People counting provides a range of useful statistical indicators, giving management a clear and detailed picture of visitors’ and customers’ behaviour. There has been an uplift in sales after using VTA’s people counting solution.  Customer service in its outlets has also improved. Stores with low traffic can now have access to customised marketing activities to increase their traffic.  This means a more efficient allocation in budgets as there is no need to have across-the-board marketing activities.

Management can make their business decisions with real-time, accurate, and relevant information. Knowing its traffic patterns gives insights on seasonal fluctuation and other buying behaviours, much of which managers have only been guessing until now.  By understanding traffic patterns and available information, marketing efforts can be optimised and customised to each relevant outlet.

Moving Forward

People traffic from real-time data provides information to aid in the understanding of visitor trend and the factors that affect visitors in various industries and sectors. This solution can enable more and more data collection for the client to analyse; information can be captured at Points of Sale (POS), for instance, identifying which products or colors or sizes are more sellable.  All information are captured on-premise or sent to the cloud depending on what the Client requires.

Industry: Sports
Client: A global leaders in the sporting goods market
Big Data Solutions Provider Profile: VTA Corporation Sdn Bhd deals in the manufacturing and delivery of Intelligent People Counting Products that provide a complete range of solutions from the electronics and packaging to the analytical reporting software. The company uses its long-time research expertise in order to develop products that set the benchmarks in the field of people counting.  With this accurate and meaningful traffic data, maximization of efficiency and effectiveness of employees, floor area, advertising budgets, and sales potential of the business can be done. Operators of shopping centers, airports, museums, art galleries, libraries, government agencies, and retailers can monitor and quantify people traffic with VTA which provides important information needed to make critical business or management decisions that will distinguish VTA users from the competition.

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