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The Data Incubator Comes To Malaysia

The Data Incubator is an intensive 7-week fellowship that prepares the best scientists and engineers with advanced degrees to work as data scientists and quants. It identifies fellows who already have the 90% difficult-to-learn skills and equips them with the last 10%: the tools and technology stack that make them self-sufficient, productive contributors. The program is free for fellows. Employers only pay a tuition fee if they successfully hire. Fellows have the option to participate in the program either in person in New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco Bay Area, or online.


Malaysian company iBigMaxe, who calls themselves the data missionaries, has partnered with The Data Incubator to bring this very successful data science acceleration program to Malaysia. And the first intake is slated for 24 August 2015. Click here to apply to become a data scientist, or to hire a data scientist!

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