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(Infographic) The Rise against Landslides: Big Data to the Rescue

Landslides are a very common problem in Malaysia. Every year, we encounter small and big landslides, and they happen without any warning. Because of this, landslides can kill, like in the Hulu Langat tragedy, where 16 lives were lost. In this infographic, find out how big data analytics can monitor slope movements in realtime and more importantly, predict when a landslide will happen.


Safeguarding our neighbourhoods and businesses with smart video analytics

With advanced video analytics, property developers are able to enhance the effectiveness of their existing security systems with real-time notifications in the event of potential threats. They are able to immediately deploy counter measures to prevent or minimize damages, resulting in cost reduction, increase in productivity, and most importantly, a safer living and working environment.


Advanced data analytics ensures flawless management of construction projects

Working with big data analytics, a construction company has been able to minimize losses from late deliveries in its project schedule. Data analytics facilitated predictive abilities that now enabled different levels of executives to act on a variety of factors such as manpower allocation, machinery placement, resource scheduling, up-to-date project progress and expenditures.