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Malaysia Bank Adopts Artificial Intelligence Early Warning System to Reduce Risks of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)

How a Malaysian bank, together with Juris Technologies, proposed and delivered a solution powered by Artificial Intelligence capabilities to predict potential Non-Performing accounts as early as 6 months prior to delinquency, resulting in a significant drop in NPLs, increased profitability and a healthy working capital.


Hong Leong Bank Uses IBM Watson for Cognitive Banking

Hong Leong bank becomes the first bank in Malaysia to utilize IBM Watson to enable customer self-service. The cognitive technology platform will also assist the bank’s call center consultants. It will scrutinize and analyze customer profiles, reports and product info to recognize a customer’s needs and offer various financial options available to them.


How our local hero, ServisHero, capitalized Big Data to multiply SME revenue

ServisHero is an on-demand local services marketplace, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, which saves consumers time and money when looking for reliable local service providers. They have a clear mission to uplift the income levels of millions of small businesses across South-East Asia, and are a data-focused company using information to both shape their own business and grow into new areas.