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Malaysia Bank Adopts Artificial Intelligence Early Warning System to Reduce Risks of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)

How a Malaysian bank, together with Juris Technologies, proposed and delivered a solution powered by Artificial Intelligence capabilities to predict potential Non-Performing accounts as early as 6 months prior to delinquency, resulting in a significant drop in NPLs, increased profitability and a healthy working capital.


Singapore Bank Embraces Machine Learning To Boost Their Advertising Campaigns

In the ad campaigns that were optimized by Optimate’s AI engine, the bank’s overall ad effectiveness improved tremendously; the AI engine perpetually worked in the background to fine-tune and deliver the ads to the right audience, all in real-time. And the good ROI will only get better as more valuable data is generated and analyzed by the AI engine.


Hong Leong Bank Uses IBM Watson for Cognitive Banking

Hong Leong bank becomes the first bank in Malaysia to utilize IBM Watson to enable customer self-service. The cognitive technology platform will also assist the bank’s call center consultants. It will scrutinize and analyze customer profiles, reports and product info to recognize a customer’s needs and offer various financial options available to them.