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What the future, AI-led economy holds for employment

In less than 20 years from today, roughly 50% of all jobs will be handled by computers. Artificial intelligence and automation has pretty much taken over routine and repetitive work. And as machine learning algorithms become more sophisticated, machines will assume services-type roles.


AI Will Resurrect You When You Die (Plus The Chatbot Landscape)

Advances in AI algorithms and a quantum leap in computing power have delivered to us the capability to “recreate” a version of ourselves using machine learning and from the vast amounts of data we generate. Augmented Eternity is the notion of outliving our mortal body by uploading the contents of our mind to a computer.


The Demon In AI And Losing Your Job To Robots

Since its rise to stardom, AI has had an unquestionably positive effect on our lives. Think of Siri, your friendly personal assistant embedded in your iPhone. What about Netflix that uses AI algorithms to recommend our next movie? But let’s sit down and ponder upon the darker side of artificial intelligence: Its potential to replace all our jobs.