Machine Learning Yearning: A new and free e-book on AI technical strategy

Andrew Ng has released the first 12 chapters of his new machine learning book called Machine Learning Yearning: Technical Strategy for AI Engineers, In the Era of Deep Learning.

For AI and data science enthusiasts, Andrew Ng is a household name. He is Baidu’s Chief Scientist, associate professor in Stanford University’s Computer Science and EE departments. Andrew also co-founded the wildly popular online education platform, Coursera. He specializes in machine learning and deep learning, with over 100 papers published in machine learning, robotics and related fields.


Machine Learning Yearning helps data scientists understand how to set technical directions for a machine learning project. Your teammates may not understand why you’re recommending a particular direction. Perhaps you want your team to define a single-number evaluation metric, but they aren’t convinced. How do you persuade them? Andrew has made each chapter short so that so that you can print them out and get your teammates to read the 1-2 pages you need them to know. A few changes in prioritization can have a huge effect on your team’s productivity. By helping your team with a few such changes, he hopes that you can become the superhero of your machine learning / AI team.

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