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Data & Storage Asean and MDEC’s Guide to Big Data Features Seven Malaysian Big Data Analytics Innovators

In March 2014, MDeC and Data & Storage Asean (DSA) set out on an arduous two-month mission to work on a Big Data guide featuring companies in Malaysia that were involved in Big Data Analytics (BDA). We wanted to include suppliers and vendors, Big Data innovators that push BDA to the limits of current thinking, and beyond.


Multinationals were deliberately left out because we wished to highlight homegrown companies. So we dug deep into our list of BDA vendors that fit the bill. The result is a Big Data compendium that showcases these seven Malaysian companies:

  • Neuramatix
  • Predictry
  • Speedminer
  • Raydar Research
  • Web Bytes
  • Fusionex
  • Pulse Group

Download the Guide To Big Data.

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