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(Infographic) The Rise against Landslides: Big Data to the Rescue

Landslides are a very common problem in Malaysia. Every year, we encounter small and big landslides, and they happen without any warning. Because of this, landslides can kill, like in the Hulu Langat tragedy, where 16 lives were lost. In this infographic, find out how big data analytics can monitor slope movements in realtime and more importantly, predict when a landslide will happen.


Enabling world class airport services through social data analytics

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad’s (MAHB) use of social media analytics enabled them to be proactive and responsive toward all public and passenger feedback. Berkshire Media was commissioned to undertake the massive effort to understand passenger behaviour by measuring customers’ perception and also to manage MAHB’s corporate reputation in the digital sphere.


Visitor Traffic Analyzer Boosts Revenue of Global Sporting Goods Retailer

The Visitor Traffic Analyser (VTA) helps businesses such as a popular sporting goods retailer in Malaysia find out the number of people walking into their stores, who among them are buying, and how to allocate budgets for improved profits. The VTA also helps the retailer improve its sales conversion ratio (from walk-ins into customers), increase store traffic and improve advertising for the company.


Safeguarding our neighbourhoods and businesses with smart video analytics

With advanced video analytics, property developers are able to enhance the effectiveness of their existing security systems with real-time notifications in the event of potential threats. They are able to immediately deploy counter measures to prevent or minimize damages, resulting in cost reduction, increase in productivity, and most importantly, a safer living and working environment.


Trailblazing online travel in Malaysia with big data analytics

In a market saturated with international players all offering variations of the same travel booking products, LagiSatu harnessed big data analytics to stay ahead of its competitors, not only through the ability to process vast amounts of real-time data fast and efficiently, but by enabling its analysis team to better understand and predict user patterns on the website.