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Big Data Analytics: The Key in Driving the Future (Booklet)

A charming booklet entitled Big Data Analytics (BDA): The Key in Driving the Future was created by MDeC as a starter and guide to BDA and its benefits. The first section talks about how BDA can benefit the government, economy and society. The next segment details out the workings of BDA.


Singapore libraries use Big Data Analytics for its users and employees

The Singapore National Library uses big data technologies to make its vast collection of book and other resources more easily accessible to library users and employees. Some of the projects include superior search, demand analysis and optimizing technology used to plan each library’s category mix, maximizing the number of loans given space and budget constraints.


Open Data and Power Distance: A Strong Correlation

A correlation between Power Distance and Open Data. The higher a country’s Power Distance Index, the less Open Data you can expect from it. And vice versa. Malaysia has the highest PDI and there is currently very limited government datasets available to the public. On the other hand, the UK government (PDI=35) has released an avalanche of datasets to the world.


Big Data Malaysia Releases White Paper on Big Data as an Emerging Sector in Malaysia

A white paper on the state of Big Data Analytics (BDA) Malaysia was published by Big Data Malaysia in 2014 with the sole objective of raising the nation’s BDA profile. In this paper, a survey was undertaken to answer critical questions like big data opportunities and barriers, current and future capacity for big data talent, and the critical gaps in training and skills.


Data & Storage Asean and MDEC’s Guide to Big Data Features Seven Malaysian Big Data Analytics Innovators

In March 2014, MDeC and Data & Storage Asean (DSA) set out on an arduous two-month mission to work on a Big Data guide featuring companies in Malaysia that were involved in Big Data Analytics (BDA). We wanted to include suppliers and vendors, Big Data innovators that push BDA to the limits of current thinking, and beyond. The guide is ready for download.