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Malaysia Bank Adopts Artificial Intelligence Early Warning System to Reduce Risks of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)

How a Malaysian bank, together with Juris Technologies, proposed and delivered a solution powered by Artificial Intelligence capabilities to predict potential Non-Performing accounts as early as 6 months prior to delinquency, resulting in a significant drop in NPLs, increased profitability and a healthy working capital.


Singapore Bank Embraces Machine Learning To Boost Their Advertising Campaigns

In the ad campaigns that were optimized by Optimate’s AI engine, the bank’s overall ad effectiveness improved tremendously; the AI engine perpetually worked in the background to fine-tune and deliver the ads to the right audience, all in real-time. And the good ROI will only get better as more valuable data is generated and analyzed by the AI engine.


AIRVOLUTION 2017: World’s first hackathon by AirAsia

The world’s first hackathon by AirAsia aimed at spearheading innovation in the Asean region. The challenge will be open to 100 selected individuals to help improve customer experience based on their digital footprints, reduce wait times at airports, from check-in to boarding, and craft the best itineraries, the best flights and the best tours for AirAsia customers.


Contact Centres Asia 2017: Driving Contact Centre Transformation

An event to strategise how you can take your contact centres to new heights in 2017! Learn how to deploy new digital contact channels, streamline operational efficiency, and invest in the latest technologies such as biometrics, speech analytics, virtual assistants and chat bots to enhance customer interactions.


Wrangle Malaysia Interviews: How Data Science Impacts Us All

We managed to interview a couple of Wrangle Malaysia attendees - from a variety of ICT and non-ICT backgrounds - on what their thoughts were on a plethora of topics such as how big data and data science applied to their organizations and individuals, the types of skill sets required to be a data scientists and how attending Wrangle Malaysia would help them think about their big data strategies and projects.


2017 Predictions for Big Data, AI and IoT

Will these 2017 big data, AI and IoT predictions ring true? Among them: AI will be hot and will be used in conversations between buyers and suppliers in the form of chatbots and digital assistants; deep learning will finally become a reality; and, early adopters of machine learning will have a huge advantage because the system would have begun learning about the business sooner.