AI Will Resurrect You When You Die (Plus The Chatbot Landscape)

Marjorie’s life is coming to an end. In her final months, she finds comfort in a holographic version of her late husband, Walter. Every day, she and the highly-advanced AI chatbot talk about their special moments while Walter – the real person – was still living.

If Marjorie Prime was shown in the cinemas a decade ago, we would certainly have pooh-poohed the story as just another science fiction dramedy.

In recent years, however, advances in AI algorithms and a quantum leap in computing power have delivered to us the capability to “recreate” a version of ourselves using machine learning and from the vast amounts of data we generate. Think email interactions, instant messages, photos and videos we take, and the place we visit.

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In his Have We Uploaded Enough Data To Create Digital Copies Of Ourselves? article, Sean Captain introduced us to the concept of Augmented Eternity. He wrote:

Augmented Eternity resembles a light version of the Singularity, a concept advanced by futurists like Ray Kurzweil about what happens when computers surpass human intellect. It includes the notion of outliving our mortal body by uploading the contents of our mind to a computer. We’re already uploading with data from tweets, Facebook posts, Instagrams, Slack messages, Fitbit readings, and Pokémon Go wanderings. Augmented Eternity could also be a shortcut to something resembling the artificial intelligence of sci-fi—like HAL from 2001, Jarvis from Ironman, or Samantha from Her—but basing them on real people, rather than minds synthesized from scratch.

When Augmented Eternity becomes a reality, you can rest assured that your friends and loved ones will still be able to interact with your soul – via a personal chatbot – when your physical body is reduced to dust in death. It will be as if you had never breathed your last breath.

The current Chatbot landscape. Which one will eventually take the lead in Augmented Eternity?

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