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2017 Predictions for Big Data, AI and IoT

  1. Artificial intelligence will be the most exciting area of the hottest trend, and its usage will be in one-to-one conversations between buyers and marketers (in the form of chatbots and digital assistants).
  2. Hype surrounding deep learning will finally fizzle out. Deep learning will be become a reality.
  3. Those who adopt AI and machine learning early will have a huge advantage because the system would have started learning about their business sooner.
  4. Machine learning will cut across all IT functions.
  5. AI will help businesses comprehend and obtain a thorough view of their clients, vendors and partners.
  6. ETL companies will rise to help maintain accurate and high-quality data so that AI technologies can make accurate predictions.
  7. Big data projects will increasingly move to the cloud.
  8. IoT will continue to be a hype. Adoption will be sluggish.
  9. IoT will redefine how the internet works.
  10. Hackers will create the first IoT ransomware.
  11. Workers in labor-intensive jobs will communicate with AI-based supervisors.
  12. AI will extend the conventional recommendation engine to power the B2B market.
  13. Data scientists will continue to be in short supply.
  14. Chief Data Officers (CDO) will play a prominent role in enabling data access and sharing within the enterprise.
  15. Marketing teams will heavily rely on data scientists for their campaign performance.
  16. An IoT Analytics Architect will be more valuable than the data scientist.
  17. Data engineers will get poached as they become more and more prominent.

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